Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Rev. John Crestwell Changes His UUA Presidential Campaign Endorsement from Rev. Dr. Laurel Hallman To Rev. Peter Morales For UUA President

A blog post on Rev. Peter Morales' UUA Presidential Campaign "news blog" entitled 'Rev. John Crestwell Changes Endorsement to Morales' informs U*Us that Rev. John Thomas Crestwell Jr., minister at Davies Memorial Unitarian*Universalist Church in Camp Springs, MD, sent an "electronic communication" to the UUA Election List announcing his change of support from Rev. Dr. Laurel Hallman to Rev. Peter Morales. This very public switch of allegiance just a couple of months away from the UUA Presidential election itself is an interesting development and it may well put some U*U wind in the sails of Rev. Peter Morales' bid to become the next President of the UUA. After all, what U*U minister, or any other U*U for that matter, would very publicly switch allegiance this late in the UUA Presidential election campaign if they did not believe that Rev. Peter Morales had a realistic chance of actually winning the election? This public switch of allegiance certainly contrasts with naysayers aka nattering nabobs of negativism like Rev. Daniel Harper aka Mr. CrankyPants aka Rev. CrankyAss and Rev. Scott Wells who have damned Rev. Peter Morales with faint praise by claiming to favor him while suggesting that he cannot win this UUA presidential election in the same breath. . .

I am not sure that Rev. John T. Crestwell Jr.'s description of both candidates as "incredible people" is all that politic considering that both UUA Presidential candidates have now made a number of public statements that could be charitably described as being "less than credible" aka incredible. . . Rev. John Crestwell's suggestion that the tiny, declining, fringe religion known U*U World-wide as The U*U Movement could "become *more* irrelevant in this new age of multiculturalism and spiritual awakening" clearly implies that, besides being tiny, declining, and "fringe" The U*U Movement is already at least somewhat *irrelevant* in the 21st century. So the 6.4 million dollar question that remains largely unanswered, just months before the UUA election is held, is -

Just how will Rev. Peter Morales "grow" The U*U Movement from being a somewhat irrelevant "tiny, declining, fringe religion" into "the religion of our time" as per his election slogan within *our* time, let's say 30 years at the outside. . . if he is actually elected as the next President of the UUA?

Can anyone out there in the U*U World direct me to somewhere on the interconnected interweb of all existence where UUA Presidential candidate Rev. Peter Morales has clearly articulated his 20 to 30 year plan for how he intends to quite miraculously, if not outright magically. . . transform *The* Tiny Declining Fringe Religion into *The* Religion Of Our Time? I haven't seen it yet. . .

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