Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The President Of The UUA Is Not A National Minister Of The Unitarian*Universalist Religious Community Nor Should He And/Or She Be One. . .

At least that is what Rev. Scott Wells asserts in his 'Boy In The Bands' blog post titled 'The President of the UUA is not a national minister'.

Amongst other things Rev. Scott Wells says -

"The last UUA president used his position to confect the presidency as a national pastorate: a role our governance does not include, and for which he was not elected."

"Bill Sinkford was never my pastor. There is a confusion of personal and organizational roles. . . I cringed every time he sent out a “pastoral letter”. The president’s office has enough influence on its own without affecting pseudo-episcopal privileges. I call on President Morales to abandon this misleading and presumptuous practice."

"the president of the UUA has never not been an ordained minister, even though this isn’t a requirement for the office. Funny, huh?"

"Using a ceremony that necessarily ties the presidency of the UUA with the ordained ministry frames who can be president, apart from our own established rules. It is thus an abuse of our polity, and should be abandoned."

It seems to me that concerned Unitarian*Universalists just might want to engage in a free and responsible search for the truth and meaning of what Rev. Scott Wells is asserting here. After all he may well be right on the money. . .

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