Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Testing. . . Testing. . . One, TU*Uo, Three. . .

Reserved for future U*Use

Sunday, 7 December 1941

Hello U*U World!

I’m staking out this place for *possible* future unprofessional U*Use.

Don’t bother getting U*Upset yet. :-)

The Emerson Avenger aka The Dagger of Sweet Reason aka *The* Rev. Dr. Eric Cartman III aka GOdKnowsWho* aka drat in all this excitement I seem to have temporarily forgotten my real name.

But, don't worry U*Us, I am very confident that it will come back to me eventually. . .

*typo intended. . .

Hilarious Google search results my "less than chosen" fate. ;-)

Google *is* on my side!

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