Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Will Rev. Beth Miller *Really* Get Slapped Upside The Head aka *Director* By The Emerson Avenger If He Is Elected As President Reject Of The UUA?

The following is the better part, or worse part (depending on how U*Us *care* to look at it), of a comment that I *will* be posting to the 'Will Robin Edgar, aka, Emerson Avenger, run for UUA President' blog *post* of U*U psychotherapist David G. Markham's "less than perfect" but really quite excellent 'U*U A Way Of Life' blog. I am posting it here and now because it provides a clear aka *transparent* indication of how I will deal with certain UUA administrators *If* and when I am democratically elected as President Reject of the UUA -

The word verification code of the above comment was sphetabl which I was about to say "Whatever that means?" about, until I popped it into Brendan's On-Line Anagram Generator and saw that its #8 aka #*, *lowest level*, aka *bottom* result *suggested* in the ALL CAPS "shouting" of internetese -


Been there. . . Done that.

If, and indeed *when*. . . I am very democratically elected President Reject of the UUA, Rev. Beth Miller, Executive Secretary of the UUA's very aptly named Ministerial *Fellowship* Committee *and* the "less than brand-spanking new" Director of the UUA’s Ministry and Professional Leadership Staff Group will have qU*Uite a lot of explaining to do, and will be given ample U*Unrestricted aka U*Unlimited as well as U*Uncensored opportunity to do so. . . If in all her dU*Ubious explaining "less than U*U Soul satisfying" U*U minister Rev. Beth Miller (no relation to U*U Rev. Diane Miller?) *prU*Uves* to be chronically U*Unready, obstinately U*Unwilling, and *evidently* qU*Uite U*Unable to provide satisfactory answers, aka U*U Soul satisfying *ministry*, to *my* very serious questions I just might be obliged to exercise my right and *dU*Uty*, to say nothing of executive *privilege*. . . to U*Use a little "Fire Power" in my capacity as the "less than democratically" s*elected Commander-In-Chief of the U*U "Ship of Fools" to say nothing of SU*Upreme Commander of the U*U Jihad Navy. I am particularly interested in asking Rev. Beth Miller about the "firewall" around what, from my *perspective* at least. . . seems to be a rather corpse-cold U*Unitarian* heart that she seems to be inordinately proU*Ud of, or at least "less than concerned" aka U*Unconcerned about.

BTW The word verification code for this post *was* exuatchi. U*Us have my *permission* to interpret *that* automatically generated *gibberish* any way they like.

P.S. David, may I very respectfully suggest that this particular if not pecU*Uliar U*U Way of Life blog post, which is semi-serious aka satirical from the get GOd be allowed to be something of a free-for-all?

i.e. a genuinely free, but not necessarily all that *responsible* forum for any and all people who care to post comments here, with the exception of completely off-topic non-U*U spammers who might get by Blogger's "firewall"

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